Teacher Tributes

Ernest Timmons

Southside middle school

This teacher is a hero because he has a lot of things going on in his personal life but he doesnt let it effect his work and his passion for teaching and his students.

Nominated By: Samuel Reeder

Florence 1


Southside Middle School

She has taught me to be who I am and to not be someone I am not to fit in….she has helped me to figure out who I am.

Nominated By: Summer Turner

Florence School District 1

Mrs. Turner


She has shown me no matter what to never give up and that you can get threw anything. That you have to work hard for what you want.

Nominated By: Shamara Roberts

District 1

Nenna Anorou

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Nnenna Anorou is a 6th-7th grade math teacher who has been teaching in Richland School District One for 2 years. Ms. Anorou’s love for STEM is evident in her inspirational instruction. Her greatest pride as a teacher comes from the academic and social growth she nurtures in her students, and in their increased acknowledgment of the power of taking risks and learning from others. She is a lifelong learner and continuously seeks out opportunities to build her capacity to make learning rigorous, engaging and accessible to all students.

Nominated By:

Richland One

Trynee Thomas

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Ms. Trynee Thomas is a 7th grade math teacher who has been teaching with Richland School District One for 16 years. Ms.Thomas strives to be an asset in her students’ lives by nurturing their talents and supporting them during their struggles and challenges. She holds students to high expectations, encourages them to take academic risks, and provides effective learning opportunities. She is focused on empowering students so they can empower themselves.

Nominated By:

Richland One

Virginia Scates

Corinth Elementary

Dr. Scates is the living definition of an advocate for kids! She pores out love and support to every soul that walks in our humble ?. Thank you Dr. Scates for being a GAME CHANGER!

Nominated By: Andrew Lyda

Cherokee 1

DeVane Trigiani

Fort Dorchester High School

My teacher is a hero because she knows us as individuals. I have watched her finally get around to eating her lunch to see a student approach her and say they are hungry and she will give them a fork and say she is finished. I know she is not but that is the kind of person she is all the time. I know she is there for me 100% and not just for school work. She checks on me even though I am not in her class anymore. She is always being silly in the hallways and speaking to everyone. She gives her heart to all of us even when we don’t deserve it, but she believes in us in ways that I can’t even explain. I love that she was my teacher and glad she is always there. I know she will be cheering me on when I graduate but I am cheering for her now! We love Mrs. T!

Nominated By: Lily Jones

Dorchester Two

Letiqua Bellard

Longleaf Middle School

Ms Bellard is the epitome of an amazing teacher. She takes the time to meet all students where they are and prepare them to move forward. She’s worked hard to help us see that she loves each and every one of us and supports our dreams. That’s why she’s our Teacher Hero

Nominated By: Amber

Richland 2

Ms. Oates

South side

She is the best! She helps us when we are stuck on a problem and helps us believe in ourselves

Nominated By: Jordan


Mr. Timmons

South Side Middle

Mr. Timmons is very laid back and very fun and easy to talk to. He supports us in anything we do, he is very kind and I love to be in his class.  He gives us a bunch of advice about life and getting a job, and I think he is a great hero for those reasons.

Nominated By: Kya Hunter

Florence School District One