Teacher Tributes

Paula Luciano

Beech Hill Elementary

Ms. Luciano goes above and beyond for her student. Each year she challenges them to meet or exceeds State Standers. One year she told students whoever meet or exceeded the scores for that test they could hit her with water balloons it was in December. Last year she let them use shaving cream. Each year she finds new ways for her students to achieve there personal goals in a fun and unusual way.

Nominated By: Kathleen Luciano

Dorchester 2

Gina Philyaw

Vareenes Elementary

Shes a hero!!! There are so mamy things to say! She looped w her 3rd grade class and watched them grow and kept moving up
Till 5th! She has her same babies for those years! She taught them real life situations taught them self confidence and whatreal life is like but did it with so much love and heart and would go out of the way for any child! She always keeps up with her students and does her best ive never met a teacher so nice and understand and willing to do whatever it takes even if its putting herself last that is what she does! She stays positive which keeps everyone positive doesnt matter what day she has had! Always willing to go the extra mile and set great examples you can’t get a better teacher if you try! Please this is my HERO and always will be! It takes a real HERO never to give up and keep us all happy!

Nominated By: Chandler Yeargi


Rebecca Day


Mrs. DAY was my third grade teacher. I came in to her classroom with no self esteem and bad grades. She built my self esteem up. She had me believing in myself. My grades improved. She had me wanting to learn more. She stills checks on me and see how I am doing.

Nominated By: Kayleigh Vines

District 50

Mrs. Debra Garrett

Carolina Springs Elementary School

She turned my child from disliking school and never wanting to go to a child that is excited to learn and to go to school everyday. She was extremely patient and kind with my son. She is a phenomenal teacher. I am so incredibly grateful to her. She is truly an asset to our school.

Nominated By: Megan Palmer

Lexington 1

Christina Randall

Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School

She has helped me in so many ways she is like a mother to me.

Nominated By: Kayla Rowell

Jasper County

Marsha Neal

Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School

Marsha has always had a passion for learning, and she wants to pass that passion on to every student in her classroom. She realizes that for a child to exceed as an adult in the world, they must have the mental and social skills to accomplish this. She believes in teaching each child in her classroom to never just “settle”, but to aspire at becoming better in all aspects of their life and to learn the skills to accomplish their dreams. She has a true passion for each and every student who enters her classroom.

Nominated By: Karen Neal

Jasper County

LaVerne Brock

Whitmire Community School

As Senior Beta Club Sponsor, an English teacher, and the senior class sponsor, Mrs. Brock goes above and beyond to help her students. She ensures that each of her pupils have an understanding of the context while making it interesting. She organizes the graduation ceremonies each year, takes multiple high schoolers to the senior beta convention, and also takes time to know everyone of her students and their dreams. Even helping me to become a Teaching Fellow for the state of South Carolina by letting me leaving the Beta Convention for a few hours to conduct my interview so one day I can be an English teacher like her. She truly is an inspiration to students, peers, and community members!

Nominated By: Lea Toby

Newberry County School District

Ms Standridge

Bridge Academy

This is tough for me cause I can’t go to my home school and was sent here and she has been wonderful to me in everyway and then some.she has stuck by me in any thing I did.she became my friend and then she retired and now I have to get used to a new teacher,so I hope that she can live up to You ❤️thank you.

Nominated By: hope dehos


MaryLynn Woodward

North Vista Elementary School

Ms. Woodward was such a blessing to our family! She was a lifeline to my daughter during a very rough couple of years! Ms. Woodward gave her courage and strength to do her very best! She inspires all of her students daily!!!

Nominated By: Angel Saverance

Florence School District 1

Eric Cooper

Darlington Middle School

Mr. Cooper is a hero because in his classroom, you learn more than reading comprehension skills, you learn life skills. When I had Mr. Cooper as a teacher, I was a teenage boy who had just lost his dad and needed a male role model. I found that role model in Mr. Cooper. He was there for me like a dad and I needed it. He stayed on me about grades, choosing the right friends, and through his Distinguish Young Gentlemen’s club, instilled many values of manhood. Because of Mr. Cooper’s impact on my life( even after I left his class), I graduated in the top 10 of my class and am a SC Teaching Fellow ready to get to work with the next generation of visionaries.

Nominated By: Delonte Hough

Darlington County School District