Teacher Tributes

Latonya Harley

South Side Middle

This teacher is a hero because she made me feel good about myself. Trying out for basketball I
didn´t believe in myself but she told me,¨Jocelyn you can do anything you put your mind to.¨ So i never gave up and i made the basketball team for South Side because i never gave up.

Nominated By: Jocelyn Pratt

Florence School District One

Mr. Jolly


He just says great and long things.

Nominated By: Jymel Windham

Florence 1

Phyllis Brewer

Southside middle school

She is so sweet and has helped me through a lot, and was always supportive.

Nominated By: Haley Rabon

Florence school district 1

Mrs. Powers

South side middle

She a great teacher and she’s fair and fun.

Nominated By: Kayla M


Mr Peake

South Side Middle School

He is just a very helpful teacher and he is really bright and nice

Nominated By: Cayden Brown


Mrs. Clary

Southside middle school

She helps me through everything and I can talk to her about everything that goes on in my life.

Nominated By: Jykera Vanderhall

District 1

Mrs. Livingston

Southside Middle

She’s the best and I love her so much!

Nominated By: Tyrena Davis

Florence School District one

Mrs. Livingston

Southside Middle

She’s the best!

Nominated By: Tyrena Davis

Florence School District one



She always cares for her students.

Nominated By: Leilani Campbell

Florence School District 1

Andre Moss

Mellichamp Elementary School

Mr. Moss is dynamic because he becomes what he teaches! He weekly wears what he is teaching or a message he wants to convey! One day he may dress up the entire day as an explorer or as a king. On the first day of school he wore a graduation cap and gown as a promise and a symbol to our school’s mission for the students. He teaches 3rd grade. He is one of the most requested teachers by parents, and he takes influence into the community. A very significant moment in his life is that he is teaching in the same school he helped to integrate when he was a child. After a long career as a truck driver he wanted to pursue his calling to open doors for the youth by opening and empowering their minds. He joined Call Me MISTER, graduated college and has been changing lives through inspiration and innovation ever since! He is one of our campus motivators! He is a true hero in our school and community!

Nominated By: Hayward Jean

Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5