Teacher Tributes

Chris Register

Sandhills Middle School

Mr. Register is an awesome teacher! He always helps us in his class and in our other classes. Mr. Register is our Special Olympics coach. He goes on a lot of trips with us. He coaches us in basketball, bocce ball, bowling, track, and disc golf. He also took us to the zoo on a field trip. Mr. Register teaches robotics. He also teachers us how to build kites and hot air balloons. We have a lot of fun in his class building things. I call him Cash Register.

Nominated By: Lane Edwards

Lexington 4

Brian Marcum

Sandhills Middle School

Mr. Marcum is a great teacher. He teaches us technology and how to design on the computer. He shows us cool technology sign language videos. He likes to help students when they get stuck with their work. Mr. Marcum lets me come to his room every day after lunch to work on building things. We designed a Mario together. Mr. Marcum also comes to our class and helps us. He helped us build a robot. He drinks a lot of La Croix. Mr. Marcum came to summer school to visit us. He plays basketball with us. He’s always nice and always helps us. Mr. Marcum is going to go to Greenville for Special Olympics with us this year. We call him Mario.

Nominated By: Lane Edwards

Lexington 4

Paige Starnes

Little Mountain Elementary School

She has a strong passion for helping the younger generations excell in education and life! Her effort to help each and every student is inspiring and heart warming. She is a true gift from God!

Nominated By: Telina Morris

Newberry County School District


Edisto Elementary

This teacher leader helps everyone in the Special Services Dept. She even goes to other schools in our district and helps with testing, policies and procedures without one complaint. The way she talks with her students and parents with such love and compassion. We had over a hundred end of the year conferences. She composed a timeline and arranged for coverage for teachers. All we had to do was show up and do our parts. This lady deserves to be recognize for her ability to be the glue to our department. Alicia Newman a phenomenon leader, teacher, wife, mother. grandmother, friend, and family member…..wearing any and all hats happily.

Nominated By: Merlene Wilson

Orangeburg 4

Gina Lee

West Florence High School

As my Junior year comes to an end, I’d like to take the time to send appreciation to my favorite English teacher, Gina Lee. Thank you for truly caring about me as a student, and as a person. You went out of your way to help me with my USC essay, my life problems and everything in between. You truly enjoy your job, and it’s beyond evident in and out of your classroom. Thank you for sparking my love for English, and for not only being my teacher, but also my friend. I love you!

Nominated By: Emilee Cox

Florence School District One

trina stidem

LBC Middle

She tries her hardest and when we are loud she finds a way to deal with it. She gives us a lot of work but its ok:)

Nominated By: Kristian Haase

Aiken County

Megan Kinard

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School

Mrs. Kinard is an amazing teacher who cares deeply about her students. She takes the time to sit down and talk to anyone who needs someone to talk to or care for them. When she knows you’re in the wrong, she gives you amazing advice and she knows what you’re capable of.

Nominated By: Kerrigan Grey

Aiken County

Mrs. Hill


She makes us be quiet when we talk and also loves us dearly she is a true hero.

Nominated By: Landen Adams

Aiken county

Patrick Newsome

Langley-Bath Clearwater Middle School

Wow I don’t even know how to start. Well, right now I’m finishing 8th grade and Newsome was my 7th grade pre-algebra teacher. Back then, I always thought that when he was dogging me about getting work done and turning things in it was just annoying and he was just trying to bug me. Now I realize that he wasn’t doing it for him, but because he actually cares about me and my peers, which is a really hard thing to say about a teacher. He’s really passionate about his work and always cares about the students at LBC, even the ones he has never taught before. He always comes to school with a reassuring smile on his face that, if your having a bad day, you’ll fade into happiness. The way Newsome teaches is like he knows it by heart or like the back of his hand. He makes sure every single student understands it and learns it in the way that best suits them. I remember in 7th grade when every single Monday, he would give us these things called Man Fact Monday. They were facts about every man, like ‘Men don’t wash their feet unless they’re actually muddy and dirty’ and ‘Men will accept any challenge. I learned how to paint really good designs on my wife’s toe nails just because she said I couldn’t do it like the people at the salon. Plus, so you know how much money that costs per month!?’ Everyone always looked forward to Newsome’s class, especially on Monday. He is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. He doesn’t even make jokes; it’s just the comebacks and the things he says that will turn a bad day good. Newsome is also very inspiring and caring, telling us personal things he’s figured out each and every individual and how we can personally change the world. He even saved another student’s life! She was very depressed and decided that she couldn’t take it anymore. She decided one day that when she got home, she was gonna end her pain and commit suicide; she didn’t tell anyone of her plans. But, when she went to Newsome’s class, he said something to her that changed her mind. Newsome has no idea what he could’ve said, but he is so thankful that she’s alive today. That’s another thing about Newsome; he’s very humble. He doesn’t take credit or brag about anything. This year, he won the District Teacher of the Year Award and thanked his students and the staff of LBC. He said he has no idea how he won but that he was very honored and was grateful for working with such great students and staff. He even thanked all the teachers, saying that they all change their students lives and that they’re wonderful. Mr. Newsome is so caring, loving, encouraging, passionate, driven, helpful, charitable, and most of all, understanding. He’s more of a guidance councilor than the actual guidance councilors at this school! He’s always willing to help any student out with any personal problems they’re dealing with and will always keep a secret. He always gives such great advice and encouragement and doesn’t even know it. It’s so hard to describe the greatness that is Patrick Newsome. I can’t even start to tell how many problems and bad situations he has helped me through and doesn’t even know it. So many times I’ve been having a bad day and faked a smile and a laugh, but Mr. Newsome saw right through that and actually cared. He always wanted to help and treated his students like they were his own kids. I don’t think he knows how much of a deeply positive impact he has had on my life or how much I love and care about him. He is one of my biggest role models, always pushing us to do our best and, if our best still isn’t a good grade, it’s wonderful to him because we tried our best. Newsome has helped me through so much inner turmoil that he may never know about and I am so thankful for that. Man I feel like I’m gonna cry haha. I’m really going to miss him and his welcoming smile next year when I go to high school. Even though I didn’t technically have him as a teacher this year, I got to see him every day and have little conversations here and there on the way to classes. In the short time frames that I did get to talk to him, he always said the right thing. I don’t even know how he does it. I really want to go on more about this but I don’t think I can because it will make me miss him too much. Well, Mr. Newsome is honestly the best teacher that I’ve had and probably ever will have. I pray that Mr. Newsome and his family has an endless supply of great days and pure happiness.

Nominated By: Madilyn Ward

Aiken County Public Schools District

Patrick Newsome

Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School

Well… There are teachers who come to school and put up with us just to get paid and there are those who come that truly care whether we learn or not. Mr. Newsome not only was my Pre-Algebra teacher in 7th grade but he was my volleyball coach for 2 years. In that short time he had such an impact on my life. He is the kind of teacher that not only teaches you about math but also teaches you many valuable life lessons. Whenever I was having a bad day, right when I walked into his class, I forgot about what was going on because no matter how bad his day was going, he was determined to put a smile on all of his students faces. He also helped us girls by having Man Fact Monday because we thought boys were confusing and he said that they’re pretty simple. He told us things like men would eat cereal everyday if they could, men don’t wash the bottom of their feet, and men will except any challenge. Even lunch detention was fun with him. We watched The Tonight Show but we still couldn’t talk. Then, at volleyball practice, he would help me with my serving and setting even though we had just attacked him with volleyballs. Every time we had a pep rally, he always hyped up the crowd and at social he was an amazing DJ. He never failed to make each day exciting. He was also very protective of his students. Whenever we had a problem, we told him and he would give us advice on how to handle it. Eventually, the problem would go away. Not only did he have our back during school, he supported us at school events such as the talent show and the spelling bee. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be in his class. His influence in the classroom and on the court will stay with me for a lifetime. So thank you Mr. Newsome for having a part in shaping the person I am today. I will be forever grateful!

Nominated By: Klaire Gregory

Aiken County Public School District