Teacher Tributes

Mrs. McCummungs

Southside Middle School

She does everything to help kids learn.

Nominated By: Tamia Holloway

Florence district 1

Mrs. Gray

Breanna Strickland

She’s so supportive and is not just a teacher but is also a friend. Her attitude towards her students is an attitude I’d want to put my future kid around !

Nominated By: Breanna Strickland

South Side Middle School

Frankie Sullivan

southside middle

He is funny and is also a a really really good teacher!

Nominated By: matthew gannon


Jeremy Trussell

Southside Middle School

This teacher helps his students and truly cares about their well being and helping them to succeed.

Nominated By: Briazia Lee

Florence County School District 1

Emily Knight

south side

She is nice and she loves kids. She wants us to all be successful.

Nominated By: catroya roary


Mr. Peake

southside middle school

He trusts me and the main thing I like about him is he treats me like an adult.

Nominated By: james sellers



Southside Middle School

She is a teacher hero because she listens to your problems and helps you out. She has a very outgoing attutiude and is a very friendly teacher.

Nominated By: Breanna Blocker

Florence school district 1

Mr. Kamon Singleton

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Described as the “quintessential teacher” by his peers, Kamon Singleton is a prolific language arts teacher. He really loves what he does and he loves his students, and that translates into his work every day. Mr. Singleton thrives on the adoption of new ideas and pedagogies. Mr. Singleton also became heavily invested in learning about a new curriculum for middle level english language arts teachers. He provided building level support in helping launch the use of this curriculum. One of my favorite take-aways from his instructional practices: Singleton hosts a Poetry Slam in which he invites parents of students to the school to celebrate their children’s writing.

Nominated By:

Richland One

Amelia Arnold

McLaurin Elementary School

She always put a smile on my face when I walked in the door to school every single morning. When you asked her for help on something she would do it the best she could, not half way like some other teachers would. Also, she will have your back in whatever the situation is, and never leave you. That is why I nominate, Amelia Arnold, as a #teacherhero

Nominated By:

Florence School District One

Ms. Trynee Thomas

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Ms. Trynee Thomas is a 7th grade math teacher who has been teaching with Richland School District One for 16 years. Ms.Thomas strives to be an asset in her students’ lives by nurturing their talents and supporting them during their struggles and challenges. She holds students to high expectations, encourages them to take academic risks, and provides effective learning opportunities. She is focused on empowering students so they can empower themselves.

Nominated By: Adrian Goodman

Richland School District One