Teacher Tributes

Martha Brule

Laurel Hill Primary

Mrs. Brule takes a lot of time to plan her lessons to ensure that she reaches each child at his/her level and moves him/her forward. She really cares about her children and spends a lot of her own money buying books for her children to enjoy. Mrs. Brule has a very structured classroom and always goes the extra mile for her students and parents.

Nominated By: Julie Blackwell


Elise Peeples

Mount Pleasant Academy

Mrs. Peeples always works her hardest to make sure her students are ready to learn and work towards their potential. She is my mom and one of the reasons that I too became a teacher! Growing up,she worked tirelessly with my sister, brother and me (we are triplets) to make sure that we were always prepared for the next day of school, including making studying fun for us! I see all that she has done for my education growing up and love to hear how she also incorporates fun strategies in her classroom to help her students grasp concepts. She is an amazing educator!!

Nominated By: Catherine Peeples

Charleston County School District

Dee Miller

Burns Elementary

She has a true heart for teaching. She teaches EMD Self-Contained students and has loved this group of students for years. She is working on her Ed.D in Special Education (unheard of) and is always willing to mentor other teachers to help them become the best version of themselves. She rocks!

Nominated By: Ansley Gathers

Charleston County School District

Donna Lange

Buffalo Elementary

The dedication and effort that Donna continually displays is amazing. She spends multiple hours in addition to the regular work day preparing for the students. She’s been caught spending her own money on the students repeatedly. She communicates consistently with parents on the progress of her students. She weaves her love of technology and entrepreneurship into her daily curriculum to further ready her students for the real world.

Nominated By: Randall Lange

Union County School District

Jody Stallings

Moultrie Middle School

Jody Stallings is a great teacher, school leader and mentor to students. He lays the ground work for excellent writing for high school and works to make sure students are responsible and capable.

Nominated By: Lynn Kramer

Charleston County School District

Mary Huffman

Carolina Park Elementary

Mrs. Huffman teaches my sons 5th grade Reading and Social Studies. This is the first year that I have seen him actually get excited about learning. She takes a hands on approach and the students engage in games and acting out events from history. I absolutely love her approach to teaching and the students are learning while having fun. As a Kindergarten teacher I know how hard it is to get students engaged and stay focused. I can only imagine at 5th grade level. My son is actually enjoying reading his Civil War reconstruction book and gets excited telling me about the events that happened. Mrs. Huffman deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond. It is obvious she truly loves teaching and has a passion for history. She has a fun hands in classroom filled with artifacts.

Nominated By: Tonya Erwin

Charleston County

Jessica Pietramala

AC Corcoran

She is always doing the best she can for her students. She is a firm demander and takes her students to the next level in learning!

Nominated By: Anonymous

Charleston County

Lisa Peeples

Mt. Pleasant Academy

Lisa has an amazing personal character. She is thoughtful, brave, and kind. She has taught for 33 years and makes it her personal mission to embed these character traits in every student she has contact with at our school. Lisa always looks for the good in a child and nurtures those who have been given less in life. My sons did not have Lisa as a teacher, however, she never misses an opportunity to ask them how they are doing in football or simply tell me they have good manners. This matters to a mother and as a mother of triplets, she knows that. She takes any bad situation and faces it head-on with bravery. You cannot teach children her qualities simply by telling them, one has to model these characteristics. She does every day.

Nominated By: Tiffany Anderson

Charleston County School District

Valerie Jamison

Williams Memorial Elementary School

Ms. Jamison is a high energy first grade teacher. If you walk into her room, you should not be surprised if you find Ms. Jamison standing on her desk to demonstrate how tall three yards would be, laying on the floor with her students to make geometric shapes, or dancing around the room to partner her students up. Matching her energy is her patience. She is always willing to try a new strategy and she is always successful because her students know that she believes they can do it. Oh, yes, and her test scores are amazing. I have been in education for 38 years and I no longer work with Ms. Jamison but she is and will always be my TEACHERHERO!!!!

Nominated By: Angela Pasquino

Dorchester District 4

Mrs. Huffman

Carolina Park

She is awesome! She makes class so fun for my son that he enjoys going to school! She is kind and caring, communicates well and does not give tons of homework. I debated homeschooling this year if it turned out to be like his horrible experience last year, but she made a huge impact on him staying at this school! She is great and really deserves this!

Nominated By: Jennifer Majewski

Charleston county school district