Teacher Tributes

Mr. Drafts


Mr. Drafts is the coolest teacher I’ve had he talk to use nice teach us good plus he is fun and lets us do things that other teachers don’t . He my friend and My Homie Alan and I tell him everything and he understands Plus he be on that level with us like with the rolex and talking a bout Gucci and all that basket ball and all. he the best.

Nominated By: Jesus


Mr. Newsom

LBC middle

Mr. Newsome would always make sure our class was fun while we were learning a lot, which was hard to do in a math class. And he was always fully devoted to his students. He would stay after school regularly to help any students struggling.

Nominated By: Benjamin McCord

Aiken County Pulic School district

Megan Kinard

LBC middle school

She brings you up when your down. She’s a great and fun teacher. She is very loving and nice .

Nominated By: Jesse Williams

Aiken county public school district

Mrs. Henderson

Gloverville Elementary School

Mrs. Henderson was a GREAT teacher she always believed in me. She always told me to never give up, she believed in me before I ever believed in myself. She would always ask you about your day and if it’s going well, and if you ever needed to talk to someone she was always there for you. She would always go out of her way for you or anyone. I will always love Mrs. Henderson!! <3

Nominated By: Emily Boatwright

Aiken County School District

Mrs. Stidem

Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School

She brings you up when your down.

Nominated By: Dawson Cain

Aiken County

Mrs. Maclamore

Jefferson Elementary

Mrs. Maclamore was the one teacher you always looked forward to seeing. She always cared about your day and how it was going. She would go out of her way to help kids in any way possible. She is one of the most thoughtful and loving people I have ever met. I will always love and cherish Mrs. Maclamore.

Nominated By: Cade Martin

Aiken County

Mrs. Mims

LBC Middle

When she teaches she makes it fun and she is really funny. She makes learning easy for me. She lets me make up work that I wasn’t at school for because I was at Pinecrest.

Nominated By: KIrsten Hanna

Aiken County

Mrs. Atkinson

Langley Bath Middle-School

I think Mrs. Atkinson is a hero because she is very kind, generous, and fun to be around if your a teacher or a student. She was a great person to me and it really made me reflect on how I act in class with certain teachers compared to others. She also was very understanding in a very broad sense from talking to you like an actual human being, all the way to giving us an easy exam so we could relax and have fun for the remainder of the year. She is a hero of character and I hope she never changes.

Nominated By: Corey Beecher

Aiken County

Mrs. Kinard

lbc middle

What makes my teacher a hero is I can tell her any thing. She’s like a big sister to me instead of a teacher . she really gets me and its going to be hard leaving her . I’ve never really been really good at math till now , its like when she teaches me everything just clicks and my brain just understands . I love her and I appreciate her and everything she does for me .

Nominated By: mckayla murray


Courtney Harley

LBC Middle School

She makes sure we all have our work turned In on time. She helps us make sure we pass her class. As well as this she is helping us through a high school credit class which is algebra 1. She makes learning fun through fun activities that she finds. Mrs. Harley believe in all of her students she never puts one down if they have a question. Mrs. Harley is an amazing teacher. I believe the kids next year that have her will love her! She has helped me succeed through this year and I really thank her for that.

Nominated By: Janie Stephens

Aiken County Public Schools