Teacher Tributes

Mr. Ward

Southside middle school

Why I am supporting him, because he is a good teacher and he was a fun teacher. He is nice to all of his students and goes out of his way to help people.

Nominated By: zakary


April Leroy

Savannah Grove Elementary

She is a very good teacher that helps you with ELA or math. She is very nice and well help you when you need it. She is a very funny teacher and tells you corny jokes most of the time. She also really cares for you and is just a great teacher.

Nominated By: Tristin sawyer


Tim Boyles

southside middle school

Mr. Boyle is a very responsible teacher of math. He is very funny and takes time to help students during the day and afterschool to understand what he has been teaching. He sings to the class to help us understand it better.

Nominated By: zacc miles

Florence District one

Mrs. Hickman

south side middle school

She is a great teacher and she tries her best to make everyone feel good. She is very funny.

Nominated By: savage snack


Mrs. Magee

Southside Middle School

She taught me well and and she makes things easy.

Nominated By: Dre'von Kennedy

district 1

Mr. Wilson

Southside middle

He was a good teacher

Nominated By: Austin Truett




She taught me everthing I need to know.

Nominated By: isaiah mcwhite

District 1

Rita Purvis

Oakbrook Elementary

Mrs Purvis started a kindergarten class mid year and has done an amazing job. She transitioned the students seamlessly and has helped them grow! She loves all her students!

Nominated By: Amy Baldwin

Dorchester District 2

Jillian Cappola

Henry L. Sneed Middle Shool

I am supporting Ms. Cappola because she always helps every student she can and also treats us all like family…

Nominated By: Bradlee Howell

Florence School District 1

Mr. James Logan

Indian Land Middle school

Mr. Logan welcomed me into his classroom this year as a parent volunteer and I had the opportunity to witness his interactions with the students. Mr. Logan goes above and beyond to engage the students with interesting field trips that he personally arranges. He also gives the kids exposure to real world scenarios like opening a checking account. His motto is to give 110 percent and make our kids future productive citizens. This is quite a feat because Mr. Logan is a special education teacher in a self contained setting. Mr. Logan expects a lot out of his students despite the fact that others might not realize how capable all these students are. He calls them scholars and they are a wonderful group of kids. Mr. Logan deserves high praise for all his hard work. He truly cares about all his students and he is maximizing their potential everyday.

Nominated By: Lucy Yeatts

Lancaster county