Teacher Tributes

Mrs. Stidem

LBC Middle School

Mrs. Stidem is a wonderful teacher who cares about her students. Everyday in class, Mrs. Stidem gives each and every single one of us the opportunity to make-up any work we haven’t finished so we wouldn’t get zeros. She also connects with students, like a hero teacher should. She knows each and every student and their learning paces and tries to accommodate them. In my eyes, Mrs. Stidem is Superwoman.

Nominated By: Destiny Burns

Aiken County

Mrs. Harley


She is an amazing teacher When I need help she helps me with my work. She helps other students when needed. She teaches lessons in the best ways. Shes my favorite teacher

Nominated By: Carlos Landaverde

Aiken County

Mr. Newsom

LBC Middle

He was always understanding of students problems, and he was always fully devoted to his students. We had a lot of fun in his class, but we also learned a lot too, which is hard in math class. He would meet with students afterschool on a regular basis to help them if they were struggling.

Nominated By: Benjamin McCord

Aiken county public school district


Langley bath clearwater middle school

He is funny  and chill.

Nominated By: Marvin Booker

Aiken county

Mr. Drafts

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle

He does his best to make sure his students have fun while learning and tolerates a lot of rude behavior from the kids.

Nominated By: Alyssa Wolford

Aiken County

Ms. Harley

Lbc Middle School

My teacher is a hero because she pushes us, gets on to us, yells at us, educates us, encourages us, believes in us, cares for us, puts up with our mess, stands us, and last but not least she Loves us Ms. Harley isn’t like any other teacher I have this woman pushes me to do my best and helps me through everything she’s the reason why I love math now! A role model is someone you admire and aspire to be like and that’s Ms. Harley we learn through her commitment to excellence, and ability to make us realize our personal growth, and strength. Teachers who help us grow as people are responsible for imparting some of life’s important lessons and that is what Ms. Harley is and has become. Teachers are fonts of experience. And now what students don’t understand is that our teachers my hero (Courtney Harley) has been where we have been and undergone what we have been through and are in a position to pass along lessons, not only regarding subject matter but lessons on life. And this is what makes a teacher my hero! – Courtney Harley, My Teacher, My Hero!

Nominated By: Britney Hawkins

Aiken County

Trina Stidem

langley bath clearwater middle school

She helps me with all my work.
She makes sure that every one of my assignments are competed.
She loves me and ensures that I am safe and very occupied.
She is cool and straight forward , doesn’t beat around the bush.

Nominated By: johsua Thompson

aiken county

Sally Jenkins

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School

Mrs. Jenkins is a very inspiring teacher. She always encourages us to push ourselves to our academic peaks and to work our hardest in anything we do! She has been one of the best teachers I have had, she is one of the smartest, most well-rounded people I know. I was very blessed to have a teacher like her this year.

Nominated By: Kylee Wheat

Aiken County

Kristin Hill

LBC Middle School

She screams at us for no reason sometimes. But then she will be completely happy. And that is what makes her a great teacher.

Nominated By: Kolby Tucker

Aiken County

Meagan Kinard

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School

My teacher Mrs. Kinard is a genuine and lucid example of a grand individual. She is a motivator, an educator, & a loving friend. My 8th grade year would not be the same IF I didn’t have her as my teacher. I love her.

Nominated By: Winston Bailey

Aiken County