Teacher Tributes

Mrs. Jenkins


Mrs. Jenkins helped me excel through the hardships of my 8th grade year.

Nominated By: Kristian Haase



LBC Middle

My teacher is a hero because she teaches us the stuff that should be important to our lives and not just what she is told to teach. I am thankful for her because she is the reason I look forward to the end of the day. I love her class and I don’t want to leave her next year. Thank you for being my hero

Nominated By: Wil Chipley

Aiken County Public School District

Trina Stidem

langly bath clearwater middle school

Mrs. Stidem is a very good teacher for me, and for many others. She is respectful of us and to fellow teachers. She makes good use of her time and puts forth a lot of effort to help others. She gives us extra time if we don’t or cant complete an assignment. She is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Nominated By: alison ramirez

aiken county


Jefferson Elementary

Mrs.Smith is a hero in my eyes because she helps students daily. She also has a very friendly and compassionate mind set. She has always been motivational to me because she helped get me through my problems.

Nominated By: Callie Burnett Rodgers :)

Aiken County

Mrs. Jenkins

Langely-Bath-Clearwater Middle School

Mrs. Jenkins is my teacher hero because she showed me many different things this school year. She showed me in the world of writing how gratitude can affect many people including myself. She makes sure that when we learn something we understand in every way possible. She is an amazing teacher. She also makes sure that if you keep trying and working hard you can achieve many things.

Nominated By: Saylar Barton

Aiken county

Trina Stidem

Langley Bath Clearwater

She is more than a teacher, she’s a friend. She helps you when your down, she helps you get your grade up or never helps you get your grade up because with her teaching it was never down. She is the best Teacher ever in existence!!

Nominated By: Marie Torres

Aiken County


LBC middle school

She helps us when we needed help. She makes sure that we have time to do our work and finish. She is many kids heroes. She is my hero because she is nice, sweet, and very smart. The most important thing is that she Is a caring person she always cares about our grades. when you walk by her she always has a smile on her face and giving complements. Even when she is not at school she makes us smile

Nominated By: Jackson Stoll

aiken county

Mrs. Erin Spears

Gloverville Elementary

What makes my teacher a hero is her hard work and dedication that she put into her job. She always made sure we were prepared for our test, quizzes, and standardized test. Mrs. Spears always believed in us even when we failed to believe in ourselves. She pushed us to do our best and stay true to ourselves. Mrs. Spears loved each and everyone of her students whole heartily. She was my 4th grade teacher and fell in love with the class she had and looped with us to 5th grade! I am now about to be in high school and I can safely say that she prepared me for what was to come in middle school. She always had a smile on her face and still stays in touch! Mrs. Spears was truly a hero to me!

Nominated By: Ansley Prosser

Aiken County

Patrick Newsome

Langley Bath Clearwater middle school

Mr. Newsome is a great teacher. He brightens students and teachers day. He knows how to make teaching fun by making jokes and stories at the same time as teaching. He won’t just be your teacher but he will be your friend. If you need help in your life, or in school he will try his best to help with whatever you need help with. I am so glad I had him as a teacher, he made me like math a lot more because he is always funny.  He will help with any question you need. He won the teacher of the year for the entire district, and he won the award In just our school.

Nominated By: Emma McCord

aiken county

Patrick Newsome

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School

Mr. Newsome is truly a hero in his students eyes. He brightens the day of each and every one of his students and fellow teachers days. He teaches us everything we need to know while making it fun and exciting. He teaches us about life in every lesson he teaches. After class if you have any question about the lesson or have any problem about anything he will fix it and make sure everything is the way it needs to be. I defiantly could not have made it through my middle school years with out him. He has won the Teacher of the year for the entire Aiken County district and he deserved every last bit of the award. He is truly one in a million. He’s a hero and deserves the cape.

Nominated By: Kendall Hartley

Aiken county