Teacher Tributes

Judy Lee

West Florence High School

She not only made her lessons interesting. She encouraged us to reach our goals and not settle for nothing less. She believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves. And always cheered us on to strive to be the best we can be.

Nominated By: Faith Haynes

Florence School District One

Emily Harper

Hickory Grove Sharon Elementary School

Mrs. Harper taught all 3 of my sons. They absolutely flourished in her class. She made them love school. She has a calm about her that the kids just seem to thrive from, and her patience are endless. When she talks bout her students you know she truly cares about them.

Nominated By: Kimberlee Cooke

York School District 1

Trina Stidem

Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School

She gives 100 percent to all her students. She runs the yearbook, girls for coding and a distinguished youth for at-risk students. She trying to bring the best new technology to her students so they are ready for this fast-paced future.

Nominated By: Samantha Walters

Aiken County

Jennifer Farr

Taylors Elementary School

Mrs Farr is an amazing teacher and does her best to assist each student. She comes with a positive attitude and a smile everyday. She cares about each student and sees potential in everyone.

Nominated By: Heather Yates

Greenville County

Becky Gaddy

Latta High School

Mrs. Gaddy is a true teacher hero. She’s the type of teacher who pushes you and believes in you, long after you’re in her class. She follows her students after high school and has always made it to graduation parties, weddings, baby showers and so on. I’m now a teacher as well and I owe my desire to be an educator to Mrs. Gaddy! She will forever be my teacher hero.

Nominated By: Ashleigh Paige Baxley

Dillon School District 3

Mrs Killian

Philip Simmons

She is amazingly sweet and thoughtful. She makes learning fun and all her students love her!!!!!

Nominated By: Adrienne Breuer

Berkeley county

Derek Classey

Philip Simmons Middle School

Mr. Classey is an amazing band teacher! He helped my daughter find a love for music and an excitement for a hobby which she has not found in her 12 years of life. The school is in their 3rd year and he has grown their MS Band program from about 20 students to 120 this past school year. This year our small little school had more students push out of their comfort zone and try out for the All County Beginner Band as well as had more students selected as well!

Mr. Classey makes learning fun and makes the kids want to come to school because they don’t want to miss his class. I know i am biased as a parent but it’s amazing what he was able to teach them that they were able to absorb this school year. Their performance at the year end concert was high school band worthy!

I think he’s deserving of so much and i would LOVE to see this happen for him

Nominated By: Patience Whitlock


Jessica Felker Wheeler

Mid carolina high school

The best media specialist hands down who cares about her students and gets to known them and follows them even after they graduate.

Nominated By: Michael Teraoka


Lisa Cassidy

Liberty middle school

Works hard she i loving she spend most of her time at school she treats every kid like they are her own no body gets left out she has been teaching for over 2” years now

Nominated By: Max Cassidy

Pickens County

Cindy Armstrong

Riverside High School

She continually teaches the non typical student from Riverside how to make it in today’s society. The students usually do not appreciate it now but they do in the near future. These are the kind of teachers that make hero’s for our kids. Looking out for their futures.

Nominated By: Bob Armstrong

Greenville County