Teacher Tributes

Portia Sharpe

North Vista Elementary School

Mrs. Sharpe is definitely a class act. She is making gains in her classroom despite behavior problems, some unhappy parents, and being a wife and mother. She wears many other hats but loves being a teacher. She comes to school faithfully and is always looking for ways to motivate and keep her students engaged. Thank you for doing it for the kids!

Nominated By: Tami Dozier

Florence School District One

Libby Collins

Dent Middle School

She is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply for her students and their families.

Nominated By: David Collins

Richland 2

Kailey Collins

Ridgeview High School

Kailey brings a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to the classroom. She wants to bring the best out of each of her students and instill in them a love of reading and learning.

Nominated By: David Collins

Richland 2