Teacher Tributes

Virginia Fowler

Flowertown Elementary

Mrs. Fowler Inspires her students to be the best they can be as she helps them develop their musical abilities. She encourages each student to pursue their goals and try new things. As my daughter’s music teacher, she has consistently gone beyond her duties and given freely of her time to help my daughter prepare for plays and auditions. She is always helpful, kind, and creates such a supportive environment for each student to thrive. I am thankful for Mrs. Fowler and we will always have a special love for her in our hearts. What an amazing gift she shares with Flowertown students when she unlocks their musical talent and coaches them so they can fulfill their dreams.

Nominated By: Heather Register

Dorchester District Two

Amy Baldwin

Oakbrook Middle School

Amy Baldwin is a true #teacherhero. My nomination for Amy Baldwin will be similar to all the other nominations that you receive. Everyone who nominates a #teacherhero will have their own personal reasons why their #teacherhero is worthy. Amy Baldwin is one of those amazing teachers who will always be remembered by my son. She has been recognized by her peers. She has been recognized by her district. She has been recognized by her school. I believe the true distinction of what sets Amy Baldwin above all other teachers is the respect and recognition that she receives from her students. My son has had the honor of being in her class for three years. She has accompanied him along with the school’s robotics teams to numerous competitions. She is spent long weekends and long hours mentoring the children of our future. The love, respect, and loyalty of all her students displays just how special she is. She is someone who exceeds all expectations of a normal teacher. Sacrificing weekend and holidays and precious after school hours with her own family to mentor her students. Amy Baldwin, #teacherhero to so many!!

Nominated By: Holly Arnold

Dorchester District Two

Mrs. Kayla Guffee

Calhoun Academy of the Arts

Mrs. Guffee has truly been an amazing teacher to not only our daughter but she has been talked about highly by other parents, before we were told she was our teacher this year. She has gone above and beyond with all of her students. She is truly dedicated, passionate, & shows she was meant to be a teacher. She is currently pregnant & has not slowed down with her creativity in the classroom or her eagerness to continue to improve everything that has to do with her students! I’m in awe of all she accomplishes with her students and at times I’ve been left speechless by her acts of kindness each and every day! She is currently going beyond her role as a teacher & helping us parents instill amazing attributes in our children by her Hearts Bucket – every week the students alternate writing a kind/nice thing about a fellow student in the class, by the end they will have their buckets full of compliments from their peers!
We need a million more teachers like Mrs. Guffee – she is overly deserving of this cruise!

Nominated By: Astrid Saylors

Anderson 5

Mrs. Hickman

Southside Middle School

Because, I feel comfortable telling her anything that I need help with.

Nominated By: Joshua Timmons


Mr. Ward

Southside middle school

Why I am supporting him, because he is a good teacher and he was a fun teacher. He is nice to all of his students and goes out of his way to help people.

Nominated By: zakary


April Leroy

Savannah Grove Elementary

She is a very good teacher that helps you with ELA or math. She is very nice and well help you when you need it. She is a very funny teacher and tells you corny jokes most of the time. She also really cares for you and is just a great teacher.

Nominated By: Tristin sawyer


Tim Boyles

southside middle school

Mr. Boyle is a very responsible teacher of math. He is very funny and takes time to help students during the day and afterschool to understand what he has been teaching. He sings to the class to help us understand it better.

Nominated By: zacc miles

Florence District one

Mrs. Hickman

south side middle school

She is a great teacher and she tries her best to make everyone feel good. She is very funny.

Nominated By: savage snack


Mrs. Magee

Southside Middle School

She taught me well and and she makes things easy.

Nominated By: Dre'von Kennedy

district 1

Mr. Wilson

Southside middle

He was a good teacher

Nominated By: Austin Truett