Teacher Tributes

Hanna Teresa

Southside Middle school

Because she is the best teacher she helps us work. She is nice to all the students in my classroom.

Nominated By: Jay Wachowiak

Florence 1

teresa hanna

southside Middle

She is the cooles teacher in the world and she is fun.

Nominated By: cj

Florence District 1

Miss legette

Southside middle school

Because they help us a lot and they support us a lot and we care about them so much.

Nominated By: Taylor brown.

Florence 1

Shonte Grady

Royall Elementary School

Ms.Grady not only teaches us how to do something, she teaches us the BEST ways. She’s an outstanding teacher with an amazing heart. Preparing students to go off into the real world

Nominated By: Asaquez Taylor-Mccall


John Propst

Wallace Gregg Elementary

He taught my sister and brother so I felt like he knew me more because of them. He also never troubled me. I became home schooled half way through that school year, but even then he was still a good teacher.

Nominated By: Autumn Campbell


Ms. Teresa hanna

southside middle school

She deserves this and she needs a break from us. She is a good and hard teacher and shows us how to do stuff the right way. She loves us like we are her kids. One day she told us a bad story about some kids and she hopes that we do not end up like them.

Nominated By: jasmine miller

florence 1

Lillie McFadden

Southside Middle School

Ms. McFadden is the greatest teacher ever because she let’s the students do what they want instead of google hangouts

Nominated By: Jahiem Holmes

District 1

teresa hanna

southside middle school

She cares about you and she will help you with your work.

Nominated By: mykel hickson


Teresa Hanna

southside Middle

She is the cooles teacher in the world!

Nominated By: cj

Florence District 1

Ms. Mack

southside middle

She loves to work with the students.

Nominated By: zaquan