Teacher Tributes

Hubert Kinard

Newberry college

This teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is always there for all of his students even if it is in the high school classroom or the college lab. He’s always there and a phone call away.

Nominated By: Kaitlynne G

Newberry county

Robin Zelligson

Georgetown Middle

Mrs. Robin is a visual therapist teacher. She goes throughout our district to help visually impaired students such as those who are blind or otherwise compromised eye sight. Mrs. Robin has personally touched my life by teaching my child Braille so that she could write letters to her friend who is also one of Mrs. Robin’s students. Mrs. Robin is a huge advocate for students and their needs. Our class loves Mrs. Robin and she always makes a point to be kind and courteous to everyone.

Nominated By: Addy Byrdic

Georgetown County

Julie Parker

Myrtle Beach Primary and Elementary

She is great with kids and has to be a two different schools at once

Nominated By: Andrea Parker

Horry County

Michelle Weaver

Walker Gamble Elementary

She’s the media specialist and she encourages all students to read! She is such an inspiration and she deserves this!!

Nominated By: Leigh Anne Tisdale

District five

Tara Michelle Nettles Weaver

Walker Gamble Elementary

Have watched her firsthand with her students. She has so much passion for her students and absolutely loves her library. She is the Media Specialist there and loves encouraging her students to read . Volunteers for summer classes to teach STEM activities.

Nominated By: NancyNettles


Natalie Brown

A. J. Lewis Elementary

Natalie Brown is selfless in how she serves the students, parents and employees at her school. Though her income is on the lower scale, she invests her personal finances in the students and her coworkers at this school. She often contributes to the classroom supplies and snacks and is known for packing extra snacks for students who are experiencing issues with hunger and poverty.

Miss Brown sees each day as an opportunity to help make a diiference in a student’s life. From taking her lunch breaks to check on students who are dealing with behavioral and/or learning challenges or other issues, Ms. Brown is always finding time and creative ways to positively impact their lives. For example, to get more student’s interested in reading and writing, she will initiate a conversation to find out what interest the student, then challenge them to a rap that often comes with rhyming and catchy lyrics that impress the student. Ms. Brown will use this as an opportunity to get the student to write her an essay about their hobby or something they like. These students are often the low achievers, but they do there best to complete the assignment and at the end, Ms. Brown rewatmrds them with a gift. As a plus-sized middle-aged woman, Ms. Brown is even willing to shoot basketball with the boys as a means to make a connection. She has students throughout the school seeking her out for a hug, to talk or tell her what they have accomplished or some good deed they did.

Ms. Brown has a giving heart; she’s always handing out care packages to students or someone who crosses her path, as a way to inspire, encourage or say thanks. Ms. Brown makes herself available to the students from the time she walks through the school door. She often stays late to help complete other duties at the school and volunteers on various committees. From making vmcreative looking bio boards to greet the female school board members for Women’s History Month, coordinating gift bags for student teachers, delivering an inspirational speech to students, helping her kindergarten students learn how to identify shapes by going on a hunt for different items or teaching them how to count or spell by bouncing a ball, Ms, Brown endeavors to make learning empowering and exciting to her students and make her coworkers and volunteers feel appreciated .

And every day she greets everyone who enters the school and crosses her path with a vibrant smile, making them feel comfortable and offering assistance, if needed.

Though Ms. Brown works as a teaching assistant, her hands reach beyond the classroom walls sharing her gifts and talents, helping others.

Nominated By: Natalie Brown

Richland county School District One

Christi Dickenson

Saluda Primary

She was my sons special education teacher. This was his first full year of school. My son has autism. When I say she went above and beyond is an UNDERSTATEMENT. She worked with him through meltdowns. She was able to get him 100% toilet trained. I saw her treat my son like he was her own son, holding him and other students during long school Assemblies. She put his hair up, she rubbed his back to keep him calm. He grew so much in one year we had to redo his IEP twice and he will be going into regular education next year. she also tutored my other kids out of the kindness oh her heart, just offered it when they were struggling. SHES AMAZING AND DESERVES THIS!!!

Nominated By: Dana Nicole Jones


Elisabeth Hardy

North Augusta High School

She is an outstanding leader, giving 100% to her students both in and out of the classroom.

Nominated By: Stephanie Bray


Daniel Bailey

Airport High School

Mr. Bailey is an inspiration at Airport High School. He puts in so much time to make sure his students and school are successful. He does not stop ensuring the best is done!

Nominated By: Bridget daly

Lexington 2

Robert Bollier

Lexington Technology Center

He has helped me with learning what I want to do with my future and how to accomplish it. He has walked me through everything I’ve struggled with this year and he is all around an amazing teacher.

Nominated By: Sky Brown

Lexington school district 1