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Teachers Aligned is network, website, and podcast built for those interested in mindfulness, trauma-informed practices, restorative practices, social-emotional learning, yoga, self-care, neuroscience, psychology, and teacher wellness.

To promote and advance effective social-emotional learning in all schools, families, organizations, and communities in South Carolina.

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SEL Resources

NAMI SC offers numerous educational programs for our members as well as the community at large. Family-to-Family is a course for family members of adult individuals experiencing symptoms of mental illness. NAMI Basics is for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents experiencing symptoms of mental illness. The Peer-to-Peer course is an experiential learning program for people experiencing symptoms of mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery. The Ending the Silence program teaches school children about mental illness. Parents and Teachers as Allies helps families and school professionals identify the key warning signs of early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents in our schools.

ETS for Families webinars 5.20.20-6.26.2020

Youth Light Inc.

SEL4SC – For Families

SC After School Alliance

Our mission is to equip at-risk kids with the skills they need to succeed in school, stay in school, and thrive in life.