The Top Seven Ways to Spend $1 Billion on Public Education in SC

For the past year, SCFM Executive Director, Caroline Mauldin, has had the privilege of gathering once a month with some of South Carolina’s finest leaders in public education through the SC Education Policy Fellowship Program. Below is a summary of their final group project, as presented on twitter.

The Top Seven Ways to Spend $1 Billion on Public Education in SC.
Subtitle: An alternate reality intellectual exercise in which our state puts its money where its mouth is on #publiceducation. @PolicySC‬

Our project was inspired by 2017’s Study Committee Report on Teacher Recruitment & Retention, as mandated by the General Assembly, and the news earlier this year that the state of South Carolina had a $1 billion surplus to work with.

We decided to focus on solutions beyond the obvious [and under-appreciated] need to increase teacher salaries. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. FUND #CallMeMISTER. Call Me MISTER’s mission is to increase the # of diverse teachers in low performing schools. MISTERs have a 95% retention rate in the classroom. $100m (10% of the surplus) would have funded 10,000 MISTERs! (H/T to the $5m line-item in this year’s budget)
  2. ‪BRING PUBLIC EDUCATION BRANDING INTO THE 21ST CENTURY. SC has pgms that encourage middle & high school students to teach. The only problem—> no one knows about them! A fraction of the surplus could have rebranded public ed, inc micro-targeting students and parents. ‬
  3. ‪HELP PEOPLE ENTER THE TEACHING PROFESSION. Can’t blame folks for avoiding a career that is perceived as over-worked & under-paid, particularly when they would enter saddled by student debt. ~1/3 of the surplus would have covered 4-year tuition for 3,000 teacher prep students. ‬
  4. FORGIVE LOANS OF CURRENT TEACHERS. Speaking of student loans, $1 billion would have covered ~$20,000 in student loans for every one of South Carolina’s 52K teachers.
  5. EXPAND ADEPT (Assist, Develop, & Evaluate New Teachers): Early-career teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate, in part because we do not provide adequate support for them in their first and second years. 1% of the surplus could have funded ADEPT for every 1st and 2nd year teacher in SC.
  6. INCENTIVIZE NAT’L BOARD CERTIFICATION: Studies show that NBC teachers are more effective in the classroom and more likely to stay in the profession. 10% of the surplus would have paid for National Board Certification for every teacher in SC.
  7. ‪FUND BASE STUDENT COST: SC has not fully funded its education formula since 07-08, further perpetuating inequities among districts (including funds available to pay teachers). Less than half of the surplus would have made up for the BSC shortfall & paid for unfunded mandates.‬


D‪isclaimer: We know education funding isn’t that simple.

The thing is—we know how to recruit and retain teachers. And this year we had the money. But not enough of the surplus is going to these programs.

So we ask: what happened?

H/T to co-creators: Jill Callais of SCSBA, Samantha Carlisle of South Kilbourne Elementary, Johnathan Graves of Greenwood 50, Toneka Green of East Point Academy, Joya Gregg of Richland One, Sherrie Snipes-Williams of Charleston Promise Neighborhood, & Sandra Williams of Spartanburg One.


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