Today’s #teacherhero is Bridget Brown from Blackville-Hilda Middle School, where she is a Math and Science teacher.

Bridget enjoys seeing her students successfully reach their daily goals and feels the hardest part of her day is not being able to reach every student. Here’s a bit of Bridget’s story in her own words:

I am most proud of students who are willing to go above and beyond expectations. I have been teaching for 25 years. Twenty one of those years have been in my hometown. Growing up I would see teachers helping others succeed. It was considered to be a noble profession. When I wanted to give up on education, there was a teacher who pushed me to my highest potential. He encouraged me to continue through my struggles. He would tutor me before and after school to make sure I kept up. This made me want to give back. My father said the best way to give back is to become a teacher. Therefore, I became a teacher in order to make a difference and give back to my community. I want to see students successfully reach goals and become productive citizens because every student is capable of learning. I am able to do this by being actively involved in the recreation department, church, after school programs, and attending community events. In order to reach the holistic child we must get involved in their everyday living. This includes becoming part of their lives outside the classroom.

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