Today’s #teacherhero is Patrick Newsome from Aiken County School District


Today’s #teacherhero is Patrick Newsome from Aiken County School District. Here’s a bit of his story in his own words:

If you want the opportunity to do meaningful work, change lives and maybe even save one, become a teacher. Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. It is probably one of the most difficult jobs one can do, but I guarantee, if you feel called, you will not find anything more rewarding.

I love the fact that I can watch my students have those “lightbulb moments,” learn new math concepts, and put them into real-life application. I love that I can sit down at lunch with my students and talk to them about life, their futures, and what it means to have integrity. There is so much I love about my job as a teacher, but at the end of the day, when I get in my car and head home, I know I have made a difference in the lives of my students.

There is no greater fulfillment as a teacher than the relationships one builds with students. Last year, an eighth-grade student wrote me a letter. I remembered her well; she was a quiet girl who sat in the back and never opened her mouth. In her letter, she wrote of a time when she had planned to end her life as soon as she got home. She told me something I said to her in class that day made her change her mind. I could not begin to tell you what I said that day, but I know that each day a teacher impacts every child in his classroom, positively or negatively, whether he realizes it or not. In that letter, the young girl wrote, “We all know that people like Batman or Superman aren’t real heroes. What makes a real hero is the small everyday actions and the time someone actually takes to care about someone.” After receiving an affirmation like that, I could not think of anything I am prouder of since becoming a teacher. It would be perfectly fine with me if I never won another award

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